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Re: Afraid of Small Children

Posted by:  Judy Churchfield
Posted on:  November 17, 2002 at 09:47:47

In Reply to: Afraid of Small Children
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Nora Dwyer
Posted on:  November 14, 2002 at 14:16:36


: Our 2-year old female JRT -- Daisy --- is afraid of small children for no reason. She is the center my husband & mine lives (we have no children). She has an ideal life...goes to play school 3 times weekly, gets lots of walks. She is an GREAT & LOVING dog except that on our walks she does bark aggressively at small children. This weekend a small boy came running up to Daisy to play. Daisy was really afraid of this kid....she didn't bit him, but just wanted to run away. How do I teach her that kids are OK. I can't find a mother willing to let us use her child to desensitize Daisy.


Hi Nora,

I honestly don't have an answer to your question, as I have a terrier who isn't crazy about small children either. And it's perfectly understandable that mothers don't want their children used as training aids. I simply keep my terrier away from small children, even though it means limiting some activities.

If anyone out there has some PROVEN methods of training, let us know!