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Re: Training

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 18, 2002 at 08:10:22

In Reply to: Training
Category:   General Training
Posted by:  Andrew Opalko
Posted on:  November 17, 2002 at 11:35:29


: Hello I have a Jack Russel and she is a year and half old. I have been through a few trainers and nothing is happening with her. I was wondering if it would be safe and not some much convienent to send her away to a professional trainer? I spend alot of time with my dog and the training is just not working. Thank you for your time.


Hi Andrew,

I am not a big advocate of shipping a dog off for training. As my trainer says, you end up with a dog that will listen to the trainer but not really listen to you.

The key to successful training is to make sure you do the homework every single day. I don't know if you are doing this but you cannot expect to go to class and then do nothing during the week because that way there will be no results.

If you are working with your terrier maybe you're training sessions are too long and the dog is tuning out. Your training sessions (and you should do a few of these each day) should be no more than 5 minutes, 10 minutes max. You have to keep them brief and make them fun.

If you feel you are not getting results then that is the time to talk with your trainer to find out what is going wrong. You have paid them to help you, so go ahead and ask them, that's what they are there for. Some people find getting one private class can help them in understanding what they need to successfully work their dog.

I don't know who you have taken your dog to, but you might want to ask people you know for the name of a trainer they have had success with.