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Re: not adapting to change

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 18, 2002 at 08:22:31

In Reply to: not adapting to change
Category:   Barking
Posted by:  diane johnson
Posted on:  November 15, 2002 at 04:47:09


: I have recently moved out of a house with a big back yard to a town home with a small patio. I take her on walks and she has made friends with the neighbor dog. I know this is not the best situation, but I had no choice. My 5 year old JRT is not adpating well...she barks when left home alone...and the neighbors are starting to complain. To top it off, if I leave her out of her crate, she will have an accident in the house (She used to stay in the house on bad weather days at least 9 hours with no proplem). I feel bad leaving her alone but it isn't for that long; I don't work so I only leave to go shopping or run errend. Now she shakes and cowers because she knows she has done wrong, what can I do to help her adapt?


Hi Diane,

A new home is one of the hardest things a dog has to adapt to. Dogs love routine and familiar smells. Your girl's world has been put upside-down so it will take her a while to adapt.

I suggest making her routine as close as possible to what she had in her old environment. This should help to lessen her anxiety somewhat. She is also having to get used to strange noises she isn't used to. Remember their hearing is so much better than ours, you might not be able to hear your neighbors through the common walls, but she will.

Walking while nice, won't take the edge of this dog. She is going to need some real exercise. As we always say, a tired dog is a good dog!

Even if you have to do this in your house, start playing fetch with her for at least a good 45-60 minutes, at least. If you have the time get both of you enrolled in maybe an agility class or fly-ball, or even obedience.

As far as the barking goes, she is just anxious because she is in a new environment. As she gets used to her new surroundings she should start to get back to her old self.

You might want to set up a tape recorder to see how long she is barking when you go. You know some people won't tolerate even a couple of minutes of barking. Your terrier might only be barking for a few minutes after you leave, some people will make it sound like a dog has been doing it for hours.

When you leave the house give her something she can't resist. Something that she will be too preoccupied with to notice you have even left. That could be a well stuffed Kong
or one of those sterilized bones that you stuff with peanut butter.

I know if I give my two their weekly marrow bone before I leave, you don't hear a peep out of them lol!