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Re: Time alone

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 19, 2002 at 16:17:53

In Reply to: Time alone
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Bobbi
Posted on:  November 19, 2002 at 16:01:22


: My puppy is 4 months old. She is generally a good puppy and exhibits all the characteristics mentioned in your articles about JR. However, I have a problem with a roommate. I rent out a rear apartment. The roommate obviously didn't ask to be the sharer of space with a JR. When I have to go to work in the morning I leave "Biscuit" in the yard with water, her crate and toys. She seems fine. The only problem is when the roommate exits or has her door open for air she gets visits, those visits often include piddling on her belongings and ruining her hose. I don't have these problems or deal with them. What do you suggest for keeping the roommate situation calm and not traumatizing the puppy? I suggested a squirt of water to keep her from barking and entering without consent, is this correct? What about leaving her in the yard when I go to work? I come home for lunch and play with her then leave again. I have short days.
: Barbara


Hi Barbara,

A pup this age shouldn't be left to roam around because they will get in trouble.

I suggest crating your puppy. Not only will it be safer for her, it will keep your roommate's belongings intact and you can better housebreak your puppy this way.


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