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New female non neutred puppy with male 5 yr. old

Posted by:  Jason van der Valk
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  November 19, 2002 at 23:13:23


I have a question, and I know that I am jumping the gun here. 4 days ago we picked up a 4 month old female JRT to add to our family. We have a 5 yr. old male that is neutered. Here is the situation. Our male has always been a sucky lap dog, spolied and needless to say our "baby" I am sure everyone can relate. He is aggressive on lead with other dogs and for the most off lead cannot bother with them regardless of the breed sex etc.. Since we brought the bitch home we have found that his attitude has change some what. His favorite treat..a pig ear was easily taken away by the puppy without a fight. He has shown a few good growls with her and put her down a few times but 10 min later she seems unresponsive to this and comes back for more. It bothers me that he is putting up with this behaviour and honestly scares me. Tonight he walked by her and she ran up to him growled at him..he turned his head..stood there and took it. Then he slinked away. Is this a good thing? Is it bothering him? I am worried that he is going to be destrought and will never be the same dog as before. Becasue I loved the way he was before. We do plan on getting her spayed in a few months..any help or life situations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance