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Re: Definition of "restricted activity" after spaying?

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  November 20, 2002 at 01:39:58

In Reply to: Definition of "restricted activity" after spaying?
Category:   Medical
Posted by:  Rebecca Reed
Posted on:  November 20, 2002 at 00:23:04


: Everyone (including our vet and this forum) have cautioned that activity should be restricted after spaying your pup. Can anyone define this in JRT terms?

: We had our 5 month old spayed on Friday and by Saturday night she was back to her normal personality (but still moving a little slower). I crated at night, kept her from jumping on any furniture (first 3+ days and now only the very low loveseat) and given her many car rides in her crate (calms her down--loves the car--loves the car).

: Vet said to let her come around on her own terms (AFTER he gave me VERY firm instructions on the first 24 hours) and let her walk and jump as she was willing to do so.

: Well fine and dandy for the labs and bassett hounds of this world, but Maddie is up to full speed again (think greyhound, rabbit, livingroom as the track) and ready to go to hog wild in the energy department.

: Our normal routine is a 1-2 mile/walk run, plus ball throwing or wind sprints for 30-45 minutes after 6+ nights/wk just to keep her fairly calm, non destructive (she is an excellent dog when we do this and don't miss a night). In anycase, this is just "sanity" exercise--if she had her druthers we could do this 6x day plus visit the neighbor puppy in between. : )

: When can we go back to this? We walked her "gently" tonight (1/2 mile or so) out of complete desperation, but she is still like the tazmanian devil and doesn't even consider this a warm up (normal nights are 1/2 chewy nights--tonight was 3 tough large ones).

: We just noticed tonight her stiches look a little swollen (we are taking her to the vet tomorrow AM) and I don't want to overdo her, but I can't see how her boucing off the walls could be any less harmful, but you wouldn't have a human female up running a marathon a couple days after the same procedure.

: I asked my vet (only after he commented on how "active" she is) if there was such a thing as a mild puppy sedative to keep her from being so high strung while she was "resting". He looked at me like I'd abandoned my mind and said that wasn't something you did after spaying.

: Am I paranoid about this? (I have even read on a vet website to not let them go outside-- http://www.lbah.com/Canine/Spay.html--until after the stiches are removed (although our vet said nothing of this)) What have all of you done w/ yours?

: Thanks for your help...guess I will go let "dad" have a break from puppy entertaining.


Dear Rebecca,

To date, the longest two weeks of my "terrier life" was keeping our two females "quiet" after they were spayed at 7 months of age. Our vet thoroughly explained the procedure so I knew there was no way I was going to let them climb stairs, jump up on the sofa or run free in the yard even though they had been doing so for the last 3 months.

They ate/got chewies in their crates for 2 weeks and we carried them outside (on-lead) and upstairs to sleep in their crates. We continued to restrict their activity for the third week; no sofa/bed jumping or stair climbing.

It was not easy but I consider what we did well worth the effort. Nine years later, both girls are healthy and going strong...