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Re: Training and barking

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  November 20, 2002 at 19:51:33

In Reply to: Training and barking
Category:   General Training
Posted by:  alex
Posted on:  November 20, 2002 at 03:35:30


: hello, i am having a hard time teaching my 1 year old jack to come and give me something that he is not supposed have. He runs away and hides and urinates when he really likes something that he stole and i try to take it back. Is there a way to train him to come when he has something i want. He knows what "come" means but does not listen. And how do i get my dog to bark only once when it see's something strange. Rather then constantly barking.
: Thank you Alex


Hi Alex,

If your terrier has something in his mouth that he's not supposed to have, you do not call him to you to remove it -- you go to him and tell him to "drop it." Punishing a dog when it obeys a command is the surest way to unteach the command; yes, your terrier considers removing something he really likes from his mouth as punishment.

Please use our search engine to learn how to teach your terrier to "drop it." Since your terrier is a known thief (LOL!), you definitely need to make sure that he doesn't have access to the things you don't want him to have. This is especially important while you're training him.

Since barking is part of this breed's nature, it is unrealistic for you to assume you can teach your terrier to only bark once and then stop. Again, I'll suggest that you use our search engine; there are many posts that deal with this issue.