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severe aggression

Posted by:  Beverly Butler
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  November 23, 2002 at 11:38:13


The behavior of our 2 1/2 year old spayed female is getting worse. We have had to completely separate her from our other dogs. She goes for the throat and tries to kill. Spraying with water does not work. She cannot hear you when she goes into this behavior. We have had to excluded her from any contact with the other dogs. She is in the house with us and is the most precious lady and so very affecionate. She is starting to growl at all people she does not know.She bit the gas man when he came on the screened porch. We have posted a "beware of dog".In the past she was good with the grandchildren, but lately she snapped at the 2 year old. I now keep her away from small children. Any suggestions?