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Re: Separation Anxiety

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  November 24, 2002 at 01:03:26

In Reply to: Separation Anxiety
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Teja
Posted on:  November 22, 2002 at 09:28:08


: Our JRT male is 6 months old. He is a very good puppy when we are at home, but when he is alone every day as we leave for work, he is still urinating. Is it possible that he can`t hold for so long (he is alone for about 6 hours) or is this separation anxiety? We noticed that he isn`t sleeping at all when he is home alone. His bad is a mess and usually on the other side of the kitchen and sometimes he is urinating on his bad. When we come home, he is so tired that he is amediately asleep. We leave him his toys and a bone for chewing, but he doesn`t touch them until we come home - then he pick up the bone and starts to chew. We don`t make any fuss when we leave and when we come home and we also turn the radio on for him but nothing seems to work - he still doesn`t calm down - he jumps on the table and other kitchen elements and runs all over the kitchen. At the bigining we tried with crating, but it didnīt work - he was histerical!! Things are getting better, because before he was also defecating but now he doesn`t do that anymore. So maybe is not as bad as it seems, but anyway please tell me if we should be worried.

: Thanks and best wishes,
: Teja


Dear Teja,

Leaving a young pup alone for 6 hours isn't just about whether he can "hold it" for so long -- he can't. It's also about him getting the appropriate amount (and type) of mental and physical exercise. A bored terrier with too much energy to burn will find ways to amuse itself. Obviously, this is dangerous as your pup could hurt himself and in the long term, his behavior will be difficult to change because it's become a "habit." (Please review the Boredom vs Anxiety FAQ; link below.)

JRTs need exercise, exercise and more exercise. Make sure he is worn out before you go to work and arrange to have him let outside to go potty and exercised at midday. If you have a local doggie daycare, consider sending him full-time or even half-days.

I also suggest you try again to crate train your pup. Granted, he can't be left alone in it for 6 hours but it will keep him safe before and after his midday breaks. I am providing a link to our Crate Training FAQ; please use our search engine for more tips on how to get your little guy used to being in his crate.

Good luck,

Boredom vs Anxiety FAQ, Crate Training FAQ