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Questionalbe breeder

Posted by:  Renee Ramsey
Category:   Other
Posted on:  November 24, 2002 at 09:38:02


We just bought our third JRT from a lady who claims to have a JRTCA kennel. I am not sure how all this works, but I was apalled at what I saw. The dog we bought is a 3 yr old female. I believe she is registerd JRTC. The paper work is just that. No registration cert. So,I don't know. The lady I bought her from had several, maybe 12, JRTs in little "cages". They were filthy and nasty and stank very badly. The pups we went to look at were sickly looking and they were in a small pet porter.There 2 left. The porter was covered in feces and the pups were sluggish. Their mother was so severely emaciated she looked like a starved Greyhound! The lady told us that the dog was too old to be bred. That she shouldn't have done it, but wanted to try to goet one more litter out of her. I was soo sad. The emaciated dog's eyes were so huge because she was all skin and bones. We took the 3 yr old female, not the emaciated one, to try and give her a good home. She is not used to be around anyone.But we hope time and love will win out. She is a beautiful healthy dog. We had to bathe her 4 times to get the smell out. And I'm not talking doggy smell. I know that is a givenm this was just too sad. My question is this, what can a person do when they see something like this? She seemed like a nice lady. And I realize to some, this is JUST a business, but the things I saw were beyond normal business. I have three JRTs now and have had the other 2 for 1 1/2 yrs. I know they can be messy and stinky, but not to that extent. I guess you can tell I am a lil upset by this. I don't mind if you prefer to answer privately. I just want to know what should be done.
Thank You,
Renee Ramsey