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Aggression, Behaviorists and degrees of Success

Posted by:  Amy Vogt
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  November 26, 2002 at 13:26:30


I recently adopted a JRT from the JR Rescue. Biggins is estimated to be 2 yrs old and is a recently neutered male that was found roaming in Manhattan. He was rescued from the SPCA and then spent a month in a kennel and a month at the rescuer's home. She was very careful to not let him imprint on her. Biggins is a very sweet, affectionate, smart and a mellow dog. He definitely thinks he's the dominant dog. We knew he had food aggression problems and we're willing to work with that. However, he's bitten both of us and a friend in the face.

I'd like to hear from other JRT owners that have faced similar problems and what kind of success or failure they had when working with a Veterinary Behaviorist. I love the little guy and hate to think of the alternatives. I'm curious if it is better for us to wok with a Veterinary Behaviorist or a trainer with a renowned reputation.

This site has been a wonderful resource and would like to hear how other owner's have been able to work through their aggression/biting issues.

Amy Vogt