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Re: Adopting 2nd JRT Male

Posted by:  JudyChurchfield
Posted on:  November 26, 2002 at 16:00:30

In Reply to: Adopting 2nd JRT Male
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Jeff
Posted on:  November 26, 2002 at 15:05:47


: My wife and I have a female JRT that is currently 3yrs old. She has a great temperment for a JRT. We currently just brought home a male JRT that is almost 2 yrs old. They seem to get along but at times are going at each others thoats. To me it seems like they playing. Are they? They both are fixed so we don't have to worry their. But, they seem to still have that natural sex drive. What do you suggest?


Hi Jeff,

It sounds to me like the two are just playing, and in the process deciding who will be top dog. One of them will become the dominant dog, with the other being the submissive one. As long as they don't become overly aggressive with each other (i.e., drawing blood), don't interfere. Just let them work it out on their own.

Have fun with your two Jacks. It's been my experience that two are more fun than one....even though they are double the trouble!