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Re: Aggression toward 2nd Jack Russell

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 30, 2002 at 15:54:14

In Reply to: Aggression toward 2nd Jack Russell
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Rosemary
Posted on:  November 30, 2002 at 15:24:13


: I have two female Jack Russell pups that are almost 8 months old. they have been raised together but recently, one has become so aggressive toward the other that the less agressive one is becoming afraid of the aggressive one. The agressive one is very jealous and attacks the other one several times a day to the point of being dangerous.

: How can I locate a behaviorist in my area. Orange county California?

: Rosemary


Hi Rosemary,

Same sex aggression is well documented in this breed and it doesn't matter if they are litter-mates, mother/daughter, father/son. Dogs don't understand that they are related and as their hormones kick in all they see is an adversary.

There will also be the typical pack status posturing and once the heirarchy (humans being above them all) it is imperative to treat the alpha of the two as just that. That's the one that should be petted first, fed first, given treats first, etc.

I know is sounds mean to the other dog, but actually you are doing the less dominant dog a big favor by doing this. Once the pressure is off the more dominant dog, they don't feel the need to keep enforcing their status to the other. It makes perfect sense in the dog world, even though it doesn't make sense to OUR sense of fair play.

If these girls are at each other tooth and nail in real nasty bloody battles than usually what needs to be done is to keep them separated from each other permanently. Many breeders end up having to do with with multiple bitches in the house. Pet owners have also had to resort to this to keep everyone safe.

If you still want to consult a behaviorist for this, your best bet is to contact your vet or you might want to contact the JRTCA State Rep in your area to see if they have heard of a certified behaviorist. They might also have some other tips about your situation.

I am providing a link to our State Reps. In the meantime try to keep the peace as best you can.


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