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Re: post-surgery blues

Posted by:  Shannon Osby
Posted on:  December 05, 2002 at 07:56:50

In Reply to: post-surgery blues
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  weather
Posted on:  December 04, 2002 at 13:04:17


: Hello,

: Our 6 month old puppy was recently spayed and had her rear dew claws removed. She had to wear the E-collar for over 2 weeks (she ripped out her stitches once). Now that she has recovered we have noticed many changes in her behavior. She is having accidents in the house (some seem to be deliberate statements), she defecated in her crate (she has never done that before), we caught her eating her stool in the yard last night(again, something she has never done). The few times that she had accidents in the house seemed strange because we have a dog door that she uses with ease and she had just gone potty outside. I know that these are all things that dogs do but she didn't have these behaviors at all before her surgery. We are trying to get her back to her normal routine but we feel that we have such a different little puppy now. How can we help her readjust?


Go back to some of the basic housebreaking rules, keeping a close eye on her, taking her out every so often etc. Some dogs, mostly the young ones will take a few steps back in the housebreaking area but its very correctable and time will get things back to normal. If things dont get back to normal in a decent time period always check with the vet to make sure everything is okay with her.
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