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Re: JRT's with other pets

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  March 12, 2003 at 09:04:38

In Reply to: JRT's with other pets
Category:   General Training
Posted by:  Diane
Posted on:  March 11, 2003 at 17:48:50


: I am planning on buying a JRT in about a month or so from a breeder. But before I do, I wanted to ask about compatibility with other pets. I have read the info on the site and realize my hamster I have must go from the low table onto my high dresser. I also have a cockatiel, a fish tank and two ferrets.
: The ferrets are always in their cage except once a day for excersise, but the door is then closed to "their room". It is really the bird that toubles me most.
: My bird seems to love other live animals, but hates stuffed animals,etc. so on that end there is no problem. Can you train a JRT to accept the fact that a bird exists?
: Thank you.


Hi Diane,

I have a cockatiel, I have two JRTs. The bird has to be caged all the time. I have been lucky so far in the fact that my two dogs will only bother the bird when Mickey hangs upside-down on his perch and flaps his wings. Then my two will go for the cage but lucky for all of us they only stand on their hind legs and bark at him.

The bird is in a large cage on a stand. The rescue dogs I have fostered have been more "enthusiastic" when going for the bird, so much so that I have had to keep them separated from where the bird is.

Another rep that used to post here came home one day to an empty, locked cage that her bird was sitting in when she had left the house.

Terriers in general are rough on other small animals, whether they have fur or feathers. Terriers are vermin hunters, they have been bred for centuries to hunt and kill vermin. That always has to be kept in mind when thinking about adding a terrier to your household.

Because I have 2 JRTs, I don't own small mammals or cats and the bird was here before the dogs were. The bird has adjusted to the dogs but the dogs have never adjusted to the bird. The dogs will be 9 & 8 this year, the prey drive just never leaves.

I have provided a link and although it says it pertains to cats it really is for all other pets in your home.


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