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Re: Neutered Male's Nightly Escapades !!

Posted by:  Shannon
Posted on:  April 08, 2003 at 14:41:24

In Reply to: Neutered Male's Nightly Escapades !!
Category:   Medical
Posted by:  Jan
Posted on:  April 08, 2003 at 12:26:25


: Ohh, another fan back again for advice. I've owned jacks before, but only female. My now 1 yr. old neutered male (fixed at 7 mos) has an intense propensity to (how do I say this) have a love-fest with a blanket, pillow or any inanimate object he can find. Its a constant thing that we can time by clock !!! (Boom, 8 p.m. and he wants to have pseudo-(you know what!!) He gets rambunctious, and grabs a blanket, pillow or towel and goes to town. He humps fast and furious..... clearly gets excited and then flops down all pooped out and licks at himself! (Its surreal....You'd almost want to offer him a cigarette!) I've been reluctant to write in, but I'm starting to wonder if his "fix" didn't fix him? I understand they can still hump. We pull blankets and things away from him, but he is so hyper at this point, its the only way he calms down (which it only takes 5-10 minutes LOL!!) No behavior problems otherwise.... he's playful, Jack-like mischievious at times, and he gets walks, runs, rides, (tends to bark at things lately after a long winter) He gets balls, toys, love and kisses. I work at home and he's not penned up and is well behaved. He willing goes in his crate to go to bed and when I need to go out. He does not do it to humans or other animals. Any insight on this???? My husband is starting to call him the little Pervert!!!


Well it was a good laugh! Since you all know his timeline so to speak for this behavior have you all tried to occupy him otherwise at this time, say a good round of ball or a walk, something to take his mind off of this behavior. Once he begins to show the behavior distract him and remove whatever he is trying this with as well, before he gets worked up.