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Re: seperation anexity

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  May 10, 2003 at 00:00:27

In Reply to: seperation anexity
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  genevieve platt
Posted on:  May 09, 2003 at 14:32:14


: I have a very small female JRT (5 lbs) who is 6 mos old. When I leave her at home, she barks and cries non-stop, believe me I have tried everything on this web site to help her with this problem but it has not worked. The only thing I was unable to try is the one where I ignore her for 2 weeks, I cant do this as I live alone with her and have to feed her etc..So a friend offered to take her for the 2 weeks, but I wasnt sure if this would have the same effect? Any ideas?Thanks


Dear Genevieve,

How do you know that she barks/cries non-stop after you leave and until you return? And why do you assume that the reason she fusses at being left alone is "separation anxiety" rather then a pup's basic need to interact with it's human?

Ignoring her for 2 weeks wouldn't work even IF you didn't live alone because sending her off to another household won't change how YOU treat her. Weighing 5 pounds at 6 months of age doesn't mean your pup is "very small" -- she is neither too delicate or fragile (in body or spirit) to be taught to handle being alone. Please stop under-estimating her... :-)

I suggest you read through the information in our FAQS regarding separation issues (links below) and dedicate several months to training yourself to train your pup.

Good luck,

Boredom vs Anxiety FAQ, Separation Anxiety FAQ