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Jack Russell Terrier Rescues

Rescue is not directly associated with the JRTCA, however, there are three rescue organizations that are known to us: Russell Rescue, Inc. (multiple states), Russell Refuge, Inc. (Northeastern U.S.) and Jacks Galore Rescue (Northeastern, U.S.). If you have a rescue question or situation, please contact these organizations directly.

Russell Rescue, Inc. Russell Refuge, Inc. Jacks Galore, Inc.

Russell Rescue, Inc.

Russell Rescue, Inc. (RRI) is a network of volunteers dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers into permanent homes. All dogs entering rescue are either temporarily placed in a foster home or must remain with their owners until a suitable home can be found. Foster space is limited so foster homes are generally reserved for dogs that are in danger of euthanasia at local shelters or are in an emergency situation. Donations are tax-deductable.


Russell Refuge, Inc.

Beyond the gate, in a world of its own, lies our little kennel. A refuge (Rhinebeck, New York) for unwanted Jack Russell Terriers that come from shelters or homes where they are no longer welcome. It is a place of peace and understanding, offering the opportunity to heal from the traumas imposed on them simply for being what they are. Most of the dogs that come here go on to wonderful, loving homes, leading lives befitting their nature... some never do. Donations are tax-deductable. You can also find us on Facebook.


Jacks Galore Rescue

Jacks Galore Rescue is a family run Jack Russell Rescue coordinator in Massachusetts. We take the frustration, confusion and length of time out of dog adoption. We will help you find the perfect match for you and your family. We work closely with you and rescues/fosters to help you adopt the best Jack Russell Terrier. Donations are tax-deductable. Drop by and check out our rescue blog. You can also find us on Facebook.