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JRTCA 2016 Sanctioned Trial Schedule

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Oct 7-9, 2016 JRTCA National Trial Maryland

Washington County Agricultural Center
Trial Chairperson
Chairperson JRTCA Club Office
Email jrtca@therealjackrussell.com
Phone 410-560-9958
Trial Countdown: 136 days
Conformation Judges
Martha Milligan (Ring 1)
Shirley Buist (Ring 2)
Go-To-Ground Judges
TBD (Sat)
TBD (Sun)

Number of Trial Entries: 25       Trials matching Search Criteria: 1

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Terriers do not have to be registered prior to attending sanctioned trials, with the exception of the National Trial. Exhibitors MUST be JRTCA members, but their terriers do not have to be registered.

If you have any questions, concerns, updates or suggestions regarding JRTCA sanctioned trials, please contact the Club Office.