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Re: Scared of Surroundings

Posted by:  Claudia A. Costa
Posted on:  February 09, 2001 at 14:57:16

In Reply to: Scared of Surroundings
Posted by:  David
Posted on:  February 08, 2001 at 12:36:31


: Hi, its been awhile since I posted here, but you guys have always been really helpful with any questions i've had! Within the past few weeks, My 2year old JRT mix has suddenly become extremely scared and "overly-cautious" of his surroundings. This includes, any person he comes into contact with (he tucks his tail in between his legs,runs away, hides, and barks) and he is even scared of things like plants and sticks that move when the wind blows!!! And while inside,he stares at the door for hours waiting for something to happen. If I try to get his attention, for a treat or to play, he has no interest. He's becoming so distracted and nervous, that even taking him for a walk has become a huge ordeal. Any advice, Or should I contact a behaviorist immediately?
: I'm desperate!
: Thanks!
: David S.

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Hi David.

Have you taken your jrt to the vet? I would have the vet check out his hearing and get an opthomologist (not a vet --make sure it is an opthomologist) and have them check out his eyes. Your jrt may be frightened of his surrounding because he is not perceiving things well. Jrts who cannot hear or see well sometimes get frightened when they are being approached by anything or percieve something near them. They have no idea what it is so they get scared (others may fear bite).

I only say this because you make no mention of an event occuring that may have startled him.

I would still see the behaviorist--it is always good to get a jrt to some type of training class. But, make sure there is nothing medically wrong with him.

Please take him to the vet to be on the safe side and an opthomologist--at his age you should have the opthomologist do a CERF test anyway.

Good luck,

Claudia A. Costa