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Re: seizures

Posted by:  Linda
Posted on:  April 18, 2001 at 19:08:48

In Reply to: seizures
Posted by:  eddie milla
Posted on:  April 18, 2001 at 16:33:31


: my dog has had two seizures,
: i was informed, dont remember by whom, that jack russells are prone to seizures.
: is this true or should i be seriously concerned?
: ny vet suggested that i bring him in within 24hrs for blood work but the two times it has happened, it has been at a time when the vet was not in to do the work hence, no blood work.
: can someone please respond.
: thanks
: eddie

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I really hate to say this and disagree with Ms Costa but unless you catch the dog during a siezure and do the bloodwork during a seizure nothing will show up, any reputable Vet can diagnose seizure and there is no need to go to a specialist for this and I have had a seizuring dog for the last 9 years and never needed a specialist as Ms. Costa said. Tyson has lived a very wonderful life for the last 7.5 years will no ill effects and if you saw him all you would say is he is a typical Jack Russell, you would never know he has seizures.
Vets are very familar with Epilepsy and the causes and effects and are also very hesitant about putting your dog on medication until the seizurs come more often and in a pattern. Putting a dog on medication too soon can do more damage and actually harm the dog. If you dog keeps having seizures then please let your Vet know when he has a seizure.

Your Vet isn't ingnoring you, but he is doing what is best for your dog. I know it is scary to see your dog having a seizure but please realize that your dog doesn't know what is happening and is in no actual pain. The very best thing you can do for your dog is to keep a record of the seizures, how often and when they happen and let your Vet know! This will help your Vet when he does start medication to know what dosage to put your dog on.

Please also look on the Medical section and I will give you a link for more information on Seizures. Please feel free to email me directly about your dog, as I said, Tyson is now 9 going on 10 and lives a quite normal life.
Let me know if I can be of further help to you.

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