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Re: nutritional supplement

Posted by:  Jane McClay
Posted on:  April 22, 2001 at 15:36:22

In Reply to: nutritional supplement
Posted by:  D. Jones
Posted on:  April 18, 2001 at 21:51:35


: Please provide your comments on the following nutritional supplement:
: Mr Groom Vita-Groom - Nutritional Supplement
: Enhances beauty, relieves dryness, reduces shedding - fortified with wheat germ. I give it to our Jack Russell as she breaks out in a rash every spring/summer on her chest - due to grass allergies, flees, etc. When I have previously taken her to the vet they prescribe steroids which I do not want to give her and which she doesn't react well to.

: Analysis and statement of ingredients each 1 lb. (16 oz) contains:
: Wheat germ extract
: Vitamin A palmitate
: Vitamin D-3 (d activated animal sterol)
: Vitamin E (di Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate)
: Choline (from Lecithin)
: Inositol (from Lecithin)
: Unoleic Acid
: Linolenic Acid
: Natural & Organic Vitamins withpoly-unsaturated fatty acids

: Do you see any problem with this product.
: Our dog is 13 years old - she has recently become deaf - not known if it is one ear or both - I hope that this product hasn't caused her deafness. Concerned Jack Russell owner. Thanks

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I ran your ingredient list by the person I always turn to with my own nutrition questions and she said she didn't see any problem with any of the ingredients listed, except that some dogs (not many, but some) have allergies to wheat.

As for the deafness, your vet would be the person to discuss that with of course. It would be impossible for us to help you based on just a few sentences. Wish I could be of more help!