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Re: humping

Posted by:  Heather Reid
Posted on:  April 25, 2001 at 17:26:40

In Reply to: humping
Posted by:  Susan Kim
Posted on:  April 25, 2001 at 15:43:35


: First, I love Forum I am an avid reader and many times I go home and tell my husband what was posted that day.

: Wow, you have had a lot of past questions on humping. I now understand that humping can be a dominant, not sexual, issue. I did have one additional question if you're not too tired of this topic! My five-year-old JRT, Cobble, has lived with my husband, me, and our 11-year-old mixed female Cairn Terrier for nearly a year now. He started off with no manners, no house training, and no sense of "pecking order" in the household. We got him neutered and spent a ton of time working with him. He's been through two obedience classes, and now he has all the trimmings of a happy JRT that can actually co-habitate with human beings as long as he gets plenty of exercise.

: For the last couple of weeks, he's gone through spates of trying to hump our female. She fends him off in no uncertain times and we have consistently backed her up with our own discipline, which includes crating him. He always immediately backs off and lies down, and now the behavior appears to be fading. Other than this he is submissive to the female.

: My question is: Could there be certain things that we as owners could have been doing/not doing to bring on this sort of "testing of dominance," whether it's humping or another behavior? Even being a JRT owner for less than a year, I can see Cobble periodically "testing" the household rules (sometimes in them most creative and funny ways). So far we just use the discipline procedures we learned from our trainers, and the behavior (including humping) always seems to fade. Just wondering if this kind of "testing" is a typical JRT characteristic or a sign of some larger overall dominance problem.

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Hi Susan,
It's not unusal to see a JRT testing the waters every once in a while. They just never know when it might actually work. Dominant little farts! It sounds as though you are handling this humping situation beautifully though. Keep up the good work; it will work itself out with your kind of patience and consistency!