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Playing or Fighting?

Posted by:  Joe Hurdler
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  May 03, 2001 at 23:27:59


I have 2 JRT's. One that is a male, and 1 female. The male I got first and is about 2.5 years old. The female I got 1 year later and is a lil over 1 year.Initially when I first brought the female home, there was the expected friction and aggression projected towards the female by the male probably due to terroritorial and jealousy of attention issues. As time progressed, the dominant and aggressive behavior decreased. The aggression/acts of dominance were never severe. Just minor growling/grunting and biting of the mouth,ears, neck area. Now I'm not really concerned about it, because they've been together for 9 months now..and they seem to get along great. They seem to work cooperative when chasing rodents in the yard, and seem to be in each others presence in a peaceful manner throughout the day while lying in the yard. They even cuddle and sleep together at night on my bed. However, on occassion, theres the chasing, light biting, and even growling/grunting projected from the male to the female. It occurs especially after I've picked up and held the female for a lil bit. Also occurs on other occasions too. Then on occassions when either of them has a bone, and the other one has finished chewing theirs, the one that still has theirs will growl or bark and the other one when they come near it. So i was just wondering if this occasional aggression is just something that I should be concerned about? In other words, are they getting along well and enjoy each others company and these occasional acts of aggression are just minor friction similar to sibling's in a family arguing? Like I said, its never severe. I leave them together all day, and it never gets to the point I have to break them up.