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Re: eating birds?

Posted by:  Heather Reid
Posted on:  May 08, 2001 at 13:18:20

In Reply to: eating birds?
Posted by:  T. Randall Taylor
Posted on:  May 08, 2001 at 12:23:00


: Hello,
: Today my 3year old female JRT found and killed 2 baby birds, one about fifteen minutes after another. I suspect a nest nearby had been destroyed. I managed to get them away from her before she could eat them. My question is--would she have? If so, would it have harmed her? I don't anticipate this to be much of a problem with adult birds who can fly, so I assume that by summer the danger will have passed.

: Thanks for all of your help.


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Hi Randall,
Never underestimate your JRTs ability to snatch flying birds out of the air. It's a common occurance around here, and I know of many other JRTs who are skilled bird hunters.
She probably would have eaten the bird. My girl does if she gets the chance. We've never had a problem, but if she ever does eat a bird, do watch her closely for signs of upset stomach and watch her stools for tapeworm for a few weeks afterward. Dogs get tapeworm when they ingest fleas, and if a bird (or bunny or whatever) has fleas and then is consumed... well, you get the picture.
As gross as it is, she's a good girl for doing her job. Critter removal is my dog's #1 Priority. The Jacks even taught the Border Collie to hunt. We're up to 3 robins (my Robin is aptly named), 1 small crow, 1 adult rabbit (my male JRT's first run-down-and-kill), 2 baby bunnies and heaven knows what else so far this spring!