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New to New England!

Posted by:  Jennifer
Category:   Other
Posted on:  May 15, 2001 at 08:32:55


Hi, I just moved to New England from Ohio with my 3yr. old spayed JRT. In Ohio we took agility classes and since moving here, I've found a nice trainer that we took a few classes from.
I'm really looking for a club that offers fun shows for my JRT, since moving here she doesn't have any other JRT interaction. In Ohio we lived with my friend and her male JRT and they were the best little troublemakers I've ever seen. Here in Massachusetts she plays with a few other dogs, but I really want to take her to a few shows this summer.
She has prick ears and isn't registered with the JRTCA, so I would have to find something where registration isn't an issue. Also, she has never done gtg, conformation, or racing, and we were just getting to the off-leash stage in agility.
Basically I'm looking for somewhere that she can interact with other JRT's and have a good time. (And something that lets me meet other Jack owners in the area since I don't know anyone!)
Thanks so much,