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Re: eletric fence training

Posted by:  Claudia A. Costa
Posted on:  May 22, 2001 at 16:45:57

In Reply to: eletric fence training
Posted by:  Shawn
Posted on:  May 20, 2001 at 18:07:01


: I have a 2 year old JRt female and I recently put in an electric fence. I trained peanut on the fence per the instructions that came with the video. And for 2 months or so she loved being able to wander in the backyard with me and to also play ball. I discovered that the battries had become weak and changed them and when I did peanut got shocked 2 times because of breaking the barrier. I took her inside and took the collar off and just let her lay in my lap. Since that day she refuses to leave her pen when she has the eletric fence collar on. I thought it may take a while after she was shocked but it has been over a month and when she has the collar on she will not leave her small "potty" pen to play in the yard. Help what should I do? Thanks Shawn

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Hi Shawn.

This is one of the problems that some have found with electric fences. It just may be too much for some dogs.

There are many that swear by them and the choice is as with everything else, a personal one.

Your jrt has received two electric shocks which were obviously too much for her. The poor thing now fears she will be shocked again.

One of the things I would do is hide the collar. The last thing she needs to think is that she is going to get shocked again.

Also you need to start to get her to trust you and going into the yard again. Remember, she knows you put the collar on her and that hurt her. She also remembers it hurt when she went out in the yard.

Start VERY slowly, but try getting her closer and closer to the door. Give her the very best treats in the world---just for moving a inch closer to going out. PLEASE do this very gradually. You need to once again build up trust. Pushing her into something she fears will not help.

It is going to take a while, but slowly you must show her that the danger in the yard is gone and the yard has great things--like left overs!

Also get that ball you used to play with. Go to a completely fenced in field and play there. You can later try and use the ball to get her in your yard. She asociated that ball with fun from the field--so transfer that to your yard. But, please do NOT put that collar back on her.

As for the fence, I am not sure you would want to go thru that again and having your jrt fear going out. Also, I have seen the fence work the other way--dog gets shocked and is now on other side--well he refuses to come back. Why--because crossing the plane gets him another shock --now you have a lose dog.

Once your jrt builds her confidence back up--consider a regular fence. If your town has a no fence lawntry a long six foot training leash(tie two together and make it even longer--they are lighter than regular leashes) for when she goes potty and find a closed fenced field to play ball.

Go slow, she will come around. Your baby has been shocked and now needs to learn to trust again.

Good luck,

Claudia A. Costa