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Re: barks when visitors leave home

Posted by:  Jane McClay
Posted on:  May 29, 2001 at 23:30:02

In Reply to: barks when visitors leave home
Posted by:  Suzy Brunel
Posted on:  May 21, 2001 at 16:29:30


: Rocky, is a 3 year old male, he gets very upset when anyone leaves the house. We have friends over for dinner, when they get ready to depart, he barks and jumps up on them, and won't stop unless I grab him by the collar. Any suggestions?

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Hi, Suzy,

Rocky is a little too big for his britches! You need to take control of the situation, and put him in his crate before your visitors leave. If you don't have a crate, put him in another room, or in his fenced yard, or somewhere else safe.

The other option is to see a trainer about this situation and learn to handle him so he learns how to behave.

Good luck!