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Re: dominat behavior?

Posted by:  Linda
Posted on:  June 01, 2001 at 06:04:08

In Reply to: dominat behavior?
Posted by:  erik moses
Posted on:  May 24, 2001 at 13:43:40


: hello. awesome site. i have a question about some of my dog's behavior. he's a 10 month old male jrt, oscar. he's totally potty trained and crated and etc..... he's got a bit of an aggressive streak, but we are taking him to clicker training this tuesday, so that will hopefully help out a bit. my question is, is that when he gets up in the morning and scratches on his crate to go outside, i get up and take him out and he usally does this like a 1/2 hour before my alarm goes off, so when he comes in, we just let him around the house and all. so what he does is jump up on the bed and lick the dickens out of our faces. but what he does that i have a question about is, when he comes up to our faces, he very gently put's his snout and opens his mouth and closes around our nose or chin. also if we are sleeping on our backs, he will lay right on our chest, other times he sleeps by our feet under the blankets. but is that behavior, the closing of his mouth over our nose or chin, like a dog trying to put his mouth over another dog to show dominace? i've heard that we (owners) should put our mouth over his to reinforce our position in the house. please give me some insight on this subject. he's totally not aggressive when he does this, but is there an underlying reason to why he does?? thanks :D

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Sounds like he is just greeting you and personally I wouldn't worry about it. TO me the problems seems that too many people are trying to read something in to thier dogs behavior and trying to figure out the whys and there wherefores! Just enjoy your dog and don't analyze too much, your best bet may be getting a book on Canine behavior.
This isn't something I would worry about.