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Re: competitions

Posted by:  Linda
Posted on:  June 01, 2001 at 20:27:40

In Reply to: competitions
Posted by:  Tracyr Radnovich
Posted on:  June 01, 2001 at 20:10:29


: I need some clarification. I have been reading through this site and I am boggled. I am a new JRT owner and extremely interested in entering my dogs in competition. I had spoken with a JRTCA rep on the phone and was told that they can't be entered into competition unless they were JRTCA registered and over 1 year of age, however, I see that there are competitions for 4-6mo and 6-12mo puppies. How do you go about entering them into competitions at that age since they can't be registered until 1 yr of age??

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I am sorry but you have been given some incorrect information, you dog or puppy can enter any show as long as it is 4 months of age! You have to be a member of the club but your dog doesn't have to be registered to show at any show but the JRTCA Nationals and that only applies to adults. Remember that YOU have to be a Member of the JRTCA in order to show your puppy!
I hope this clears up things for you and I am sorry that someone informed you otherwise. When you have a problem like is it is best to contact the club office direcly and inform them that you have been given information that isn't correct. This is the only way that we can correct it with the State Reps. Please understand that we are not at the JRTCA club office, we are in our homes in different areas of the country, and some of us are JRTCA State Reps and some are not! I was a Rep for 12 years, and am now on a personal leave from my State duties.