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rabbit hunting.....

Posted by:  kerri
Category:   Hunting
Posted on:  June 25, 2001 at 00:24:44


I have a 1 year old female JRT Tigger and I live a the city with her. I have family that live in the country (who we visit often). It has been suggested to me that I take Tigger out 'rabbit hunting' with a friend of the family's who also owns a JRT and who takes their JRT out rabbit hunting regularly. I feel a little tentative about doing this - as I am not too sure if a 'hunt' will change my dogs behaviour. Will she become more agressive (after chasing and killing/tasting blood)? At the moment I have a loving and caring JRT who is a lap dog as well as a high energy dog - the best of all combinations! I love her dearly and want her to be happy. I understand that hunting is in their nature but ,as she is being bought up in the city, I do not want to encourage her to hunt! What do you suggest?????