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Allergy Shots

Posted by:  Jodi
Category:   Medical
Posted on:  July 31, 2001 at 17:53:40


Our almost 2-yo male JRT, Max just had his fourth allergy shot. After trying everything we could with our regular vet, we went to se a specialist. The doggie dermatologist said he knew right away that Max had environmental allergies, not food. So, we allergy test him (poor baby had 36 needles poked into him). THe good thing was that we finally found out what he was allergic to...EVERYTHING. In fact, the dermatologist said he had never seen a dog so young be so allergic. In addition, the vet said his allergies were genetic.

Anyway, I contacted the breeder to see if either of his parents or any of his siblings had any signs of allergies and she said no. How is this possible? Are JRT's prone to allergies?

Regarding the shots, the vet said we will have to be on allergy shots for ever. Is that true? Do you know of any situations where the allergies cleared up and shots were no longer necessary? Any information you have would be appreciated.