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Sleeping in our bed

Posted by:  Julie
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  August 10, 2001 at 10:02:42



We allow our two JRTs to sleep with us in our bed, which we love although they like to take up most of the room! :-) Our female was adopted from the Humane Society and we have been working with her aggression and dominance issues for many months. We have been helped by our vet, trainer, and pet sitter, and while she is getting better, very slowly, there are still a lot of issues.

One is that she is extremely attached to my husband, so much so, she tries to guard him. She even gets in between us in bed, so she is the only one next to him. We do not think she should be sleeping in our bed for a while until all issues are resolved, but I worry if we put her in her crate in our bedroom, will she become more aggressive with our male? By the way, she is definitely the alpha between the two.

We have had our male for almost three years, and he is the center of our world, I do not think I could forgive myself if she harmed him because of something we did.

Any advice is welcome!