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Re: nasty dogs...nasty owners

Posted by:  Linda
Posted on:  August 26, 2001 at 16:52:04

In Reply to: nasty dogs...nasty owners
Posted by:  martha
Posted on:  August 26, 2001 at 13:49:44


: I have been going to trials for a while now & I think i have seen an increase of aggressive dogs (& owners) at these trials. I have a wonderful female that isnt same sex aggressive at all. I' am trying to find a stud for her but all of the dogs at the trials are so aggressive! 1 even tried to attack her (& me), when i mentioned politly to the owner that she needs to keep her dog away from others she got defencive & rude. I was just wondering what the deal was?

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I am sorry you had this experiance but I haven't found this to be true at all and most of the onwers I have talked to have been more than helpful.
I can tell you that when I am looking for a Stud, I don't take my female with me and I leave my dogs in their crates in the car. When you go under someones tent, or pen's or up strange dogs you and your dog are basically creating a distrubance in their territory, so when I inqire about a dog I leave mine somewhere and do my inquiring without the bitch along. You can get to know the dog much better without a dog in tow.

You also need to see these dogs in their own enviorment rather at a show, dogs at shows are most excitable by racing, GTG and yes even conformation, just too much going on around them,and can act differnetly when they are home. Sorry you have had this problem but remember that these dogs aren't home, and normally don't act this way!
Again I am sorry this has happened to you but as I have said this isn't the case that I have found.