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Nighttime Trauma?

Posted by:  Jen
Category:   Other
Posted on:  August 29, 2001 at 19:51:03


I have a wonderful 3yr old spayed female named Gillian. I've had her since she was 10 weeks and has always been "my" dog. She has always gone to work with me, been my little shadow around the house, and always slept in my bed, (usually under the covers!)
Last year I moved in with my girlfriend, and Gilly continued to sleep with us in bed. She didn't seem to mind the addition of my girlfriend, who is definatly the "alpha" of our household.
A few months ago, Gilly suddenly became terrified of the bed. She wouldn't sleep with us or even jump on the bed at all. She became obsessed with her doggie bed (kept at the foot of our bed) and now sleeps in it every night. We've tried encouraging her up on the bed and now she's gotten over her immeadiate fear and will snuggle for naps in such on our bed. She still won't sleep throughout the night on our bed, preferring to sleep in her own bed.
My girlfriend remembers waking up one night and Gilly was under the covers whimpering and thrashing around like she was stuck. My girlfriend picked her up and Gilly was really upset, whining and crying.
Is it possible that we accidently squished her? Or do JRT's sometimes just change their sleeping arrangements? I don't want Gilly to think that she's not welcome in bed, or that I've "chosen" my girlfriend over her.
Any ideas??
Thanks so much, this forum has been a lifesaver in the past!