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Re: cold weather and my jrt

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  September 02, 2001 at 22:42:04

In Reply to: cold weather and my jrt
Posted by:  Allison Morriston
Posted on:  September 02, 2001 at 21:24:09


: As winter is approaching I am concerned about my jrt and being outdoors. What sort of temperature can my jrt be out in? At what temperature might he need a sweater? Is a heated pad in his crate at night a good idea? Please respond.
: Thank you!

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Hi Allison,

This is going to be somewhat difficult to answer because I am not sure whether you intend to keep this dog outdoors all the time or you just mean how long can he be out in when taking him out for play or a walk.

You don't mention too what area you live in as obviously some areas have milder winters than others and all of this fits into the equation.

This is not a breed that is going to love living outdoors in the winter. They are not a breed that originated in a polar region like huskies or malamutes.

While this breed comes in several coats, usually even with a rough coat their underside is not all that well protected, as in the case of a dog bred for the cold.

A sweater is fine for a thin coated dog when out for a romp. If it is real frigid out I only let my guys out to do their business, maybe a couple of minutes to goof off and then its back into the house.

As far as a heating pad in his crate I hope you mean this for indoors because a dog will not survive the cold if his only shelter is a crate. You need an insulated dog house to keep him from the elements. An insulated dog house will help keep them warm in the cold and cool in the summer and you shouldn't have a huge opening for a "door" as the dog will not be able to keep the house warm with his body heat.

We really don't recommend this type of life-style for this breed. Especially if you don't have and indoor/outdoor run where he can come in from the cold and inclement weather.

As I said earlier I can't give much more than this advice because I don't have enough information.