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Re: Home alone...

Posted by:  Heather Reid
Posted on:  September 05, 2001 at 20:05:36

In Reply to: Home alone...
Posted by:  Richard
Posted on:  September 05, 2001 at 18:07:11


: Hi,

: Thanks for maintaining this board so well. I've been thinking about sending my JRT (1 yr old) to day care while I'm at work. However, most of these type of programs require some kind of interview to see how my Jack interacts with the other dogs.

: I have brought my Jack to parks to meet other people and dogs, but on this day, when the day care owner sent 4 'friendly' dogs to meet her, she reacted aggressively. I was trying to explain this behavior to myself (maybe these 4 dogs were barking and the park dogs usually were more silent, or maybe I was not there beside her and she was afraid, or maybe she felt outnumbered, etc...). The owner said she was probably more oriented to people than other dogs.

: Is there a good way of socializing my Jack? In parks, it is usually a hit or miss if we get to meet other dogs at all. My neighbors have heard 'ugly' rumors about how Jacks would fight their dogs to the death and won't let my dog play with theirs. Seems like a cruel world to a Jack...

: Any suggestion to help my Jack out would be great!
: Richard

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Hi Richard,
Probably the best thing you can do is to not go it alone with dogs you really aren't familiar with. Find a trainer whom you trust, talk to him/her about taking a group class with your focus being toward socialization and then sign up and have fun! I think you'll find group classes a great and learning experience for both of you!