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always walking at "heel"

Posted by:  Meg Haviland
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  October 08, 2001 at 18:41:01


This is just a comment regarding the post about always having to walk your dog in the "heel" position. One of my trainers advised me to have two commands, so the dog wouldn't be confused about when he was expected to heel, and when he was free to sniff and explore while walking on the leash. So we have "heel" and "free", where free means Brewster can sniff, mark trees or whatever.

Also, walking at heel definitely doesn't take the fun out of our walks. Strangers stop us on the street to comment on how well behaved my dog is, and to remark about his "look at me-aren't I great" demeanor. He's a 15 lb dog with 100 lbs of attitude!