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Love me...Loves me not

Posted by:  Jonna
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  October 12, 2001 at 12:18:06


Our 15 month old pup, Basil, has developed some odd traits that concern me. I spend more time with him than my husband does becuase I have the time and I love doing fun things with him. We go on walks, I come home from work at lunch everyday to let him out, I take him to training classes, meet and greets and on car trips with me. I basically try to include him in all that I do. My husband is very busy with several jobs at the moment and hasn't been around much. Logically, I would think that Basil would be more attached to me and mind me more because I am around the most, but it's the other way around.

It's very disheartening when I just come back from taking him out on a fun trip somewhere and he hops in my husband's lap and just cuddles. He does't do that with me. Basil now sits with him, listens to him, follows him....I feel like I'm losing the affection of my little man. I'm sure he just misses my husband but why does it seem like he's blowing me off completely in spite of all that I'm doing with him? Any suggestions on how to get that affection back? This work situation could last a while.

... or am I just being a paranoid mom? or even a jealous one?