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Re: When is too much too much?

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  October 26, 2001 at 08:56:21

In Reply to: When is too much too much?
Posted by:  Lori
Posted on:  October 26, 2001 at 02:33:33


: Hello,

: My JRT is very obsessive compulsive about many things. It's too the point where there is nothing stopping him when it's something that he is obsessive about. For instance, he goes beserk over the light of flashlights and vacuum cleaner and light images on the wall, going for a drive, climbing trees, chasing birds, squirrels, kites and planes, and playing tether ball or baseketball. I haven't corrected his behavior on these things but lately some of his behavior has been distruptive and affecting other people. For instance, if kids are playing tether ball or basketball, my dog will just jump in and try hitting the ball with his nose. Now, if kids are playing tether ball, I keep him on leash, but if he sees the tether ball going, he will cry and yelp and tug at the leash to go there. Also, he won't listen when he's going beserk over a kite and I am chasing him in a circle. Once this person's kite fell to the ground and my dog attacked it and tore it to shreds. Can you please provide some suggestions on these problems and whether I should stop him immediately when he becomes obsessive compulsive about things.

: Thanks,
: Lori

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Hi Lori,

Much of what you are describing falls more into the category of a very enthusiastic dog. Obsessive compulsive activites are more in the areas of licking, flank sucking, wind sucking, incessant barking for no apparent reason and moving like circling and pacing.

You need to get this dog exercised more, a tired dog is one that is not so gung-ho on joining in on every activity he witnesses. Take a good 30-60 minutes devoted just to him and play fetch with him or some other game that will get him moving and active.

Please get him enrolled into a good obedience school as this will teach him the necessary commands to make him controllable but it will also teach him to focus on you and not everything else around him.

All of us here cannot stress enough the importance of obedience work with this breed. It is the only edge you will have in remaining the "top dog" in your home. This is a breed that will readily take over if given the opportunity but it is also a breed that loves to please their owners. Obedience school is the perfect way of solving both. You will find your dog bonding even closer to you when you two actually become a team.

So remember, a LOT more exercise than he is getting and also obedience school. If you make this commitment I am positive you will see some really great results.

Good Luck!