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Re: Great Toy!

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  October 30, 2001 at 21:58:00

In Reply to: Great Toy!
Posted by:  Kate
Posted on:  October 29, 2001 at 19:47:50


: Hi There,

: I have found a pretty neat "Terrier Toy" I'd like to pass along.

: My husband took some of the spare holey socks that don't match anything else and created the "Sock-Ball". We take 3 socks and stuff them into the bottom of a 4th. Tie the end in a knot and Viola! Cora's FAVORITE toy. Not to mention a great use for leftover socks!

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Oh, the things us humans will think of to keep our terriers amused! Not to mention finding ways to use the un-paired socks the "Dryer Demon" steals from us!

I'd like to caution you, and our other readers, about a problem that may come about because of the "Sock-Ball." Dogs don't usually distinquish between what is a toy and what is not if the two are similar. Since she has permission to play with one of your socks (or four!), all of your socks are fair game. And you can't punish her for it because you gave her permission to do it by giving her the "Sock-Ball." Same goes with the Booda Bones, those tightly wrapped, braided string toys. Take a good look at the end of those toys and at the fringe on a throw rug -- see the resemblance? :-)

Another problem with terriers and socks is that socks shred. The threads can become wrapped around their tongues or stuck between their teeth and the dog can hurt itself trying to get free of it. If the threads are injested, they can be difficult to pass...which means a trip to the vet.

Hopefully Cora will be able to distinguish between what is hers and what is yours. Please supervise her when she is playing with her "Sock-Ball."