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Re: Biting

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 06, 2001 at 07:13:49

In Reply to: Biting
Posted by:  Richard Titus
Posted on:  November 05, 2001 at 23:28:55


: I have had my jack russell for 1 month he is a 1 year 4 month old male who was neutered 2 weeks ago. He originally lived with an old man and a cat. When we first brought the dog home he was very aggresive at everyone. I bought him a cage and it only took him 2 days to get used to that. He has improved amazingly since we have had him although he has bitten all of my roommates at least once. He is perfect most times and then he gets upset and tries to bite someone if they try to move him or get him out of a corner. How should he be handled. I like the dog, and we have worked with him very much, but I am not going to put a lot of money in a dog behaviorist any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Richard,

The very best thing you can do is get your dog enrolled in a good obedience school.

This breed CAN get "grumpy" regarding sleeping spots and the like. The best thing to do is make sure the dog knows basic commands..."OFF" is one that sounds like it is needed in your house. The command "COME" is also extremely important.

A dog that has been obedience trained is less likely to bite in the situations you have mentioned.

A good obedience trainer in a small class setting shouldn't run more than $100-$125 for between 6-8 sessions. A small price to pay for a well-trained dog wouldn't you say?

Remember too that your dog is still adjusting to his new living arrangements and that also takes time. He still needs obedience work though, if you make the commitment and work him a bit everyday between classes you will reap some wonderful rewards.

This is a breed that takes to structure great if approached in a positive manner.

Remember, you get what you put into it. If you want a dog that is a dream to live with then you have to spend the time to make that happen.

Good Luck!