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Posted by:  MaryEllen Magee
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  November 06, 2001 at 10:55:58


Hello. We have a five month old jack russell terrier, Max. We have had Max for 5 weeks. Last night, Max had a vet appointment, his 3rd one, and had his final shot. After the vet appt, we had a dog trainer visit us for the first time for a lesson in our home. Today, Max is very distrustful, won't come to us, and is hesitant when touched. He is not his normal puppy self, is very shaky, and wont play. I am concerned - this is the first time I have seen the lack of trust towards us. The training session consisted of using a chain collar and walking two steps, dog on the left, then having him sit. This was repeated several times. A pull to the chain was used to get him to sit. Any thoughts as to what might cause this change in behavior - is it a reaction to the vet visit, or perhaps the training? I am rethinking this form of training if this is the effect it has on our dog.