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Re: Alpha status

Posted by:  Linda
Posted on:  November 07, 2001 at 06:16:45

In Reply to: Alpha status
Posted by:  Belinda Leong
Posted on:  November 07, 2001 at 04:09:03


: Hi,

: I've posted a question today @ 2100hrs your time but the reply was a question posted by someone else. Could it be some kind of error? Appreciate if you could look into it. Awaiting your reply soon. Thank you.

: At a loss

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Hi Belinda,

Sometimes our board goes wacko and I am sorry this happend on your questions, but I will try to answer this since I can't find the answer either.

Most of us who let our dogs sleep with us aren't having an Alpha problem,they know we are Alpha in our homes. If you need to reinforce your alpha status or are having a problem with you dog, don't let her sleep with you. By letting a dog sleep with you, you are putting the dog in the same level you are on.

My dogs sleep with me, but they know that I am Alpha in this house and I am not having problems with my dogs. My dogs basically mind me and do what they are told and as a reward they get to sleep in the bed, if they don't mind or test me, then they get crated to reinforce my alpha status.

You need to do what is best for your dog and listen to your trainer. I am not having problems and my dogs are already trained so thus they get the comfort of the bed, but when they come off the bed then they know what I say goes.

Once your dog minds you and behaves, then I don't see anything wrong with letting your dog sleep with you, but untill then you do need to inforce you status as alpha in the house and letting the dog sleep with you isn't the way to do it.

Hope this helps you!