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Re: Doesn't know her size

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 14, 2001 at 17:09:37

In Reply to: Doesn't know her size
Posted by:  Kristy
Posted on:  November 14, 2001 at 14:28:40


: We recently acquired roommates with a very gentle and previously passive 9 year-old female husky. She and our 2 1/2 year-old JRT get along fairly well, except for when it comes to food or personal posessions. They fight visciuosly and my JRT is usually always the aggressor. She doen't know her size and will fight to the bitter end. We are concerned for her safety.

: My husband and I were recently married and are now considering starting a family. Chloi (my Jack Russell) has been an only child for most of her life and has always had the typical Jack problems (excitability, digging, escaping, etc.). Now that we have witnessed how she behaves with another dog in the house, we are worried that we couldn't keep her if we have children. I love my dog and want to do whatever it takes to keep her around. Is there anything I can do to alter her temperment?

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Hi Kristy.

The answer is two-fold. Get her spayed if she isn't already and then get her enrolled in a good obedience school. The kind run by the local park district and the like are not the kind you want as usually the classes are way too big for you to get any type of attention that you may need.

Also remember that same sex aggression is well documented with this breed and it doesn't matter that the other female is a different breed. JRTs don't care what size the other dog is, that is one of the appealing things about them and it is their boldness that makes them so good when they have to face off with formidable quarry.

Just because your girl doesn't get along with this other dog doesn't mean she won't get along with your children. But you have to get her ready well in advance. You need to get this dog into obedience school. This is a breed that NEEDS obedience school, because of their independent nature and extreme intelligence they need the structure of obedience work. It not only makes for a better canine citizen it also gives this breed a way to keep it's active mind focused in a positive direction. You have experienced what happens when they are not directed.

In the mean time I would feed these dogs separately (which means either crate them or put them is separate rooms where they can't get to each other) and keep play times with objects separate too.

Good Luck!