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Re: Liver color markings

Posted by:  Heather Reid
Posted on:  December 03, 2001 at 16:10:04

In Reply to: Liver color markings
Posted by:  Carey Carner
Posted on:  December 02, 2001 at 16:21:17


: I have seen JRs that are the normal tan, black and black with a little tan. What about a liver chestnut color? A dark reddish brown? Is that an exceptable color? I have seen pictures and they are just so pretty. Can they be registered? Thanks alot!

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Hi Carey,
Where the breed standard states that "tan markings" are acceptable, that includes just about any shade of brown you can think of. My favorite tan and white was my cousin's dog who had half her face marked with a chocolate brown, with a small touch of rust on her eyebrow.
When thinking about registering and breeding a dog, color is a consideration, but so much less important than other ascepts, such as genetic problems, build, working ability. While different shades of tan or brown are registerable, a dog should not be breed just for pretty color or something that is considered unique (but really isn't uncommon).