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Re: What are the major physical Descripions of a JR

Posted by:  Linda Cranford
Posted on:  December 03, 2001 at 20:09:22

In Reply to: What are the major physical Descripions of a JR
Posted by:  Josh
Posted on:  December 03, 2001 at 20:00:09


: What r the pysical descritions of a JR i need the basics so can u help me i need it

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Hi Josh!

You can find this answer and all the other answers to these things by using our Search engine and reading this web site. In one of your questions you stated that you have a report due on a Jack Russell, and if this is for school work, I think it would be best if you did your own homework.

Try starting with the Search engine and see what you can find, then go to our home page, everything you have asked about is located on this site somewhere.

You will write a better report if you do your own research, rather than us just giving you the answers. Also by doing your own work, you stand a better chance of learning all about the Jack Russell.

I will give you a link to the history of the Jack Russell. Have fun learning about the breed.


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