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Will the time I have be enough?

Posted by:  Wade
Category:   Other
Posted on:  December 06, 2001 at 13:14:18


I've been reading books as well as this forum and from all appearances you have to be married with one spouse at home, be independently wealthy, so I don't have to work, or hire an in home baby sitter to have a JRT! I'm a single guy, for now, that works 5/8hr days or 4/ 10hr days a week, (my choice) and I would love to have one of these smart, energetic little guys. I own a house with a smaller fenced yard but I have access to lots of romping grounds in my area. There's a park across the street as well. But my question is can I work an 8 hr day and still give the little dynamo what he needs? I'm kind of nervous about my more suburban situation anyway because I'm originally from a rural area of Northern Mn. and always had a huge area for our Chesapeake and German Shepherd to run free at their leasure. Top priority is to have a happy pet or I won't be happy either! Thanks in advance for your answer.