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Re: Will the time I have be enough?

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  December 06, 2001 at 15:27:20

In Reply to: Will the time I have be enough?
Posted by:  Wade
Posted on:  December 06, 2001 at 13:14:18


: I've been reading books as well as this forum and from all appearances you have to be married with one spouse at home, be independently wealthy, so I don't have to work, or hire an in home baby sitter to have a JRT! I'm a single guy, for now, that works 5/8hr days or 4/ 10hr days a week, (my choice) and I would love to have one of these smart, energetic little guys. I own a house with a smaller fenced yard but I have access to lots of romping grounds in my area. There's a park across the street as well. But my question is can I work an 8 hr day and still give the little dynamo what he needs? I'm kind of nervous about my more suburban situation anyway because I'm originally from a rural area of Northern Mn. and always had a huge area for our Chesapeake and German Shepherd to run free at their leasure. Top priority is to have a happy pet or I won't be happy either! Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Hi Wade,

Your above description pretty much does fit the ideal JRT home haha! However we know that most people don't fit all the above criteria.

The most important thing is to understand the breed, what makes them tick, commit to providing the best you can for your terrier. Most JRT owners do have to work away from home. They have to find a happy medium that will work for both them and the dog.

If you make the commitment to giving your terrier the attention it will need once you are home there shouldn't be too much of a problem. These dogs crave their people and while a lot of exercise is important, human interaction and engaging their minds rate right at the top.

So many people get so busy in their lives and once they get home they don't feel like dealing with the dog. This is where many people run into problems, they'll come home, give the dog a pat on the head, let it out the door and sit down or go cook dinner and somehow the dog never gets the attention/exercise it needs.

Most people I know aren't lucky enough to be home all day with their dogs but they have made the commitment to devote some of their time once they are home to spend with their dogs. I never hear of any of these people having major behavior problems with their dogs. Many of them even take a night out or two to take their dogs to classes, whether it be obedience, agility, flyball or something else.

Read all you can on what makes this breed tick, take all of that into consideration and understand what motivates them and you should be able to keep your terrier pretty happy.

For working people I always suggest getting an older dog that is already housebroken. It will make your life a lot easier. It's hard to housebreak a puppy when you have to go to work, it can be done but it takes a TON of patience and time.

Good luck, I think you'll do just fine!