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Holiday Time of year

Posted by:  Michael
Category:   Other
Posted on:  December 20, 2001 at 15:34:25


To all the Forum Reps:

This is not really a question, but I would just like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful job you do. Thanks also to the webmaster for the wonderful web site full of good content.

I own a JRT named Jack. The absolute love our our lives and part of the family I might add. The first couple of months were terrible. But with the help and guidance of the forum and reps we managed to get through the rough stuff. Jack is very well adapted to our lifestyle. Patience, consistency and training were the key to happyness.

We are so very pleased with our little boy and he brings so much joy to our lives. For example, he is always on sock, squirrel, and bug patrol. And by golly he makes sure no food accidently get dropped on the floor. He taught the neighbors dog to stop barking in one day and the UPS delivery guy now qualifies for the long jump in the olympics. Oh I forgot to mention, we no longer have a cat problem. They won't come into our backyard anymore with Jack around.

One day Jack dissappeared in the house. Come to find out, he was stuck under the couch. Jack did not realize he was getting to big to get under the couch.

Again, thank you for you hard work and dedication.

~Have A Verry Merry Christmass